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My name is Mathu and I am many things squished into one entity. During my time as a student, I have been travelling around the world. Since graduating, I continue to travel and blog whilst also pursuing a career in Corporate Technology. My personal brand UndercoverChick has grown over the years as a space to help people with travel, mindset transformation and achieving goals. I am a big dreamer and a go getter and I want people to join me on this venture of personal growth.

The Sakthi Eelam Charity, the 'Tethani Time' Podcast and my recent joint initiative 'Brown Babes in STEM' are projects that I have put my heart and soul into. These ventures allowed me to connect with the community, offer remarkable opportunities and meet a spectrum of incredible individuals.

As a result of my wanderlust, I have been travelling from country to country, embraced many cultures to discover the beauty each country has to offer. I rarely stay in one place and I always have an urge to hop onto the next plane and seek new adventures...hence me being self-proclaimed 'Queen of Jet Lags'. There are still many parts of the globe that I have yet to gallivant and I hope to share my experiences with you.

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