1-2-1 Guidance Sessions

Mindset Transformation | Growth | Goal Setting

Do you need with mindset transformation? Setting goals? Creating a plan toward achieving your goals? Do you feel stuck? Do you want clarity about future aspirations and your purpose? Manifestation? How to find the motivation? Do you want to travel more but don’t know how to do that in your situation?

Some of the areas covered in the guidance sessions:

Mindset Transformation
Goal setting and achieving to live your dream life
Developing confidence
Creating a work life balance
Creating a lifestyle that lets you achieve your goals
Finding clarity about future aspirations
Finding a purpose
Planning and organisation

I’ll show you how to plan and organise yourself efficiently. Sometimes it’s about working smart not just working hard!

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Pricing as of January 2021:

1 x 60 minute Guidance Session £50

3-weeks package includes 3 x 60 minute sessions for £120

1-month intensive programme: £175 includes 4 x1 hr video sessions, unlimited e-mail check contact for support, free templates and guides.


She gave me a lot of advise that you wouldn’t get from googling around or reading a book so I would definitely recommend these sessions! She is really good at what she does!

Tharshika Ranjan

Over the past few years, my life has overwhelmed me so much I have forgotten my dreams and I have forgotten my dreams and I have lost hope of ever attaining and living my goals. But you remind me every single day that my life isn’t over. My circumstances will change and I will live my dreams.

Requested to stay Anonymous

I had so many things that I wanted to do and had a lot of things bothering me. I was so displaced and lost. I couldn’t talk to my parents and close ones, they couldn’t understand what and why I wanted to do all these. That’s when I spoke to Mathu about how I was feeling and how to get started on. I never expected such a response from her. She really took it as her own problem and broke down the things on what to focus on and prioritise. She taught me how to prepare and work toward my long time goals. I’m a much more confident person now that I was and would 100% recommend you to not hesitate and reach out to her.

Requested to stay Anonymous

During my sessions I provide explanations free materials and templates to work with. The way they work are explained during the sessions. Access them here.


Do you have any questions regarding the guidance session? Feel free to send me any queries or questions.