Youtuber of the Month

Hi guys!

Now that I have the time I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite youtubers out there. Watching vlogs on YouTube is not really my cup of tea but I do have a small number of favourites. 
My favourite YouTuber of this month is tasxlife.

She has been making YouTube videos for years but this is her latest account which she will be updating every Monday!  
I love her videos because she is  entertaining, funny but she also gives great advice. As I personally know her I can say that she is no different to what she is like in real life. 
So guys you might want to check out her YouTube account and you might want to ask her about her celebrity crush below one of her videos because you really would want to know. 😉 She might dedicate a video to you and tell you her celebrity crush that she finds hugely embarrassing. :’) <–   (She is going to kill me for this!!)


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