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Although I’m more of a lifestyle blogger than a beauty blogger, I’d like introduce you to a well known hair and make up artist called Vithya. She is a very skilled hair and make up artist but she also stands to me by the way she became successful. She was an ordinary girl and has worked hard and pushed herself to come where she is now. Becoming successful isn’t easy and to become successful you do need to have a certain set of qualities which Vithya certainly has.

To me Vithya is one of the biggest inspirations. I personally look up top her and she motivates me to continue being an independent woman and do what I love because hard work pays off and she is a living example. 

 She is a self-employed make up artist who is mainly specialised in Asian Bridal Hair and Make Up, however she does do hair and make up for a whole variety of events and people. She recently worked on film sets, music videos and TV shows. She is very organised, motivated and driven which is what I would say has made her this successful.

Vithya moved in her teenage years to London; she was born in Sri Lanka and raised in Germany. She studied and graduated with a BSc Honours Degree in Biology and Psychology. She then went to London College of Fashion and qualified with a diploma in Hair and Make up Styling. Although she is based in London, she works all over the world and provides an international service.
I had a small interview with her as I was intrigued to find out more. Her answers were excellent and she gives really good advise. You can read the interview below!
Model: Vithya Visvendra
Photo Credit: Impressions by Annuj

1) You work very hard for what you have now but before you became a well known make up artist, how did you promote yourself?

  • Thank you. After my degree, I worked for a marketing company, so I guess I picked up a few skills on how to market myself. Facebook is a great platform, which brought success over the years, but Instagram is what made me “famous”.

2) I know that you have a very busy schedule but I’ve noticed that you are very organised just like me, what are your tips to stay on top of all of your work?

  • I have a personal phone and a business phone, an accountant, a business relationship manager through my bank, and also my diary and appointments book, I have quite a few things in place to stay organised. It is not easy, but I was born organised haha.

3) Where do you get your motivation from, how do you stay motivated?

  • I have written about motivation in many other blogs and posts, but all in all, my passion for hair and make up, and customer service is what motivates me. I think of how self-esteem is a huge thing for younger girls, and even Brides-to-be of course, and making a difference in their lives is an ultimate reward.

4) You have a very stressful lifestyle as well, as a lifestyle blogger this is one of the things that I have to deal with myself and talk about a lot in my posts. How do you make sure that it doesn’t affect your health physically but also mentally?

  • To be honest I struggled with that for a very long time, I never knew how to find the balance. Now I go to the gym regularly, I meet up with my friends often, and have family down time, they all keep me sane!

5) What would you tell anyone that would like to be successful?

  • This is an interesting question. I think firstly you need to know the difference between success and fame. And really decide what is more important. I have always thrived for success, and fame came with it, but sometimes if you only look for fame, success might not be there, and the negativity will drive you mad. If you want success however, set yourself a timeline, a 5-year or 10-year plan, and realistically work on it. Success might take you many years to gain, but it will last longer! But for it to become your life, you have to have passion. If you are passionate about it, you will definitely be successful no matter what!

6) One thing we have in common is that we both moved to the UK from Germany as teenagers. Nowadays, a lot of teenagers are moving from one place to the other. How did you cope with moving to a new country and what advice would you give to anyone that has moved or is going to move to a different country?

  • I admit I found it very hard. I was bullied in school in Germany, and it only reduced when I got to high school, so moving to another country and starting all over again was very hard. I was bullied here for nearly two years and really struggled. I have always grown up being a loner, and also keeping my problems to myself, so that did not help. I would advise you to always talk about the struggles you are going through whether at school or with your new friends. Feeling at home may take a while, but if you understand why you moved and what the benefits are and that things will be fine soon, you will be fine. Just stay strong, and embrace the beauty of a new culture and a new life! I love London now, and could never ever move anywhere else! So no regrets there!

7) I saw the you are going to be volunteering this Christmas at Crisis UK. My next blog post is going to be about how I’ve volunteered the past few years for every Christmas and one thing I will be talking about is why I volunteer every single year. How did you organise your volunteering opportunity and why are you volunteering?

  • I am happy to hear that you do this regularly. I have always donated to charities, and am one of those people who will stop on the road to give money or food to a beggar, no matter where I am. I think volunteering is completely different. I have always wanted to do it, but never seemed to have the opportunity. I have been going through a rough time recently, and nearly suffered from a nervous breakdown, so I took some time out to reflect on my life. Going back to church made me realise that I have been quite selfish with all that God has blessed me with, and I decided to give to others more. So the volunteering should really do exactly that; help others, and also make me appreciate what I have! Be a better person I guess. One can try!

Thank you for the interview Vithya and for being so informative! I wish you all the best for the future. I think a lot of people can make use of this advise.
What do you think makes people successful? I am intrigued to find out what you guys think, so let me know in the comments below!

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