Skin care routine and Diet for Acne

For many years I’ve had to deal with breakouts on my skin because of acne. At the moment it is at its worst but I have been able to control it by monitoring the food I eat and by having a scheduled regular skin care routine.


Diet is a major factor affecting acne and this is one of the things you have control over so take advantage of it and make sure that you control your food, it will really help reduce your breakouts!
The research into acne triggers hasn’t been very conclusive as research has shown no clear correlation and some research has not been supported by other. However, that does not mean that people haven’t been able to reduce their acne. It is clear that every person’s acne is caused by other factors. Some may only breakout when they eat certain foods or some may have severe hormonal imbalances. Personally I have noticed that my acne is affected by the food I eat e.g. if I eat a pack of Dorritos crisps I wake up with massive spots on my cheeks.  However, my acne is majorly affected by the hormonal imbalance in my body as I’ve developed it ever since I hit puberty and it still hasn’t reduced at all.

So my best advice would be to keep a food diary, note down everything you eat and whenever you notice that you have severe breakouts write that down as well. This sounds extremely boring but I guarantee you it will definitely help you find a link! As I said before there are common triggers for acne but it really varies between each person. I’ve found that my triggers are crisps, chocolate, cheese, hot chocolate and sweets. Ever since I noticed the link I was able to establish that high levels of sugar, fats and dairy products are making acne worse. I’ve now learnt to completely leave out those foods or have them in moderate amounts. I’ve also started to reduce my caffeine intake and drink lots of green tea instead of coffee and I’m aiming to drink 2-3 litres of water everyday.

Skin care routine

One thing I will tell everyone with acne is that please don’t use too many products on your skin as it really can irritate it and make it really dry. If you have acne you know that you will be desperately looking for products to reduce the breakouts and probably have had various skin care routines. Well that’s what I’m going through as well but I’ve finally found a routine that is working for me. I’ve only been using this routine for a few days now but I can see my skin getting better. I will update you guys with my progress after a few weeks. I do this routine twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening.  I will leave the exact details of the products I use at the end of this post. 

1)  In the morning I start from step two but in the evening I remove my make up using coconut oil as I feel that this is much more gentle to my skin and won’t irritate it at all where as facial wipes tend to dry my skin out and irritates it because of the rubbing motion when trying to remove make up.

2) I then use my Neutrogena face wash. I absolutely love this face wash and you might have noticed this because I’ve mentioned it in multiple posts. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve bought this face wash but I keep going back every 4 weeks to get more of this.

3) I then dry my face using a muslin cloth but don’t rub it on your skin as this irritates your skin. I then use my Ganier fresh refining toner using a cotton pad. I really liked this because it has been enriched with green tea and moringa extracts.
4) I then use Grease Lightning by Lush and apply it on zits but when my acne is really bad I apply it pretty much on my whole face as I sometimes really do have spots almost everywhere on my face. Its horrible.
5) If I notice that a new spot is coming through I also use the visibly clear Rapid Clear Treatment by Neutrogena. It says on the pack that it visibly reduces spots in just 4 hours and it actually is true. I have noticed my spots reduce after applying this cream.
6) In Winter especially I have very dry skin below my nose and above my lips so I use Skin Food by Weleda. I haven’t seen this product in any drugstore so far so I ordered mine from amazon but it is also available from their website.
7) To moisturise I then use the pink grapefruit moisturises by Neutrogena in the morning and the Aveeno skin relief moisturising lotion with shea butter in the evening.

This routine has really helped my skin feel a lot cleaner and healthier with the right complexion. It has also reduced the appearance of new spots I will update my progress with this routine very soon.

Products used:

1) Pink Grapefruit daily facial face wash by Neutrogena
2) Garnier Fresh Refining Toner – purifies, tones and tightens pores for combination to oily skin (green bottle)
3) Grease lightning spot treatment by Lush
4) Visibly Clear pink grapefruit oil-free moisturiser
5 Aveeno Moisturising Lotion – skin relief with shea butter
6) Weleda skin food

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