Almost exactly a year ago, I told you guys about my acne skincare routine and how I deal with it. It’s been a year and I think it’s time that I update you on my progress as I have noticed a lot changes and learned a lot of things about the condition itself. If you have acne whether it’s mild or moderate it does not matter, you would know that it’s a condition which gets worse or better over a long period of time. My acne started developing when I was 13 years old and was at its worst when I was 16 years old but now that I am 18, I can see my skin gradually improving and becoming clear. Acne depends on various variables and the best you can do is try control as many of them as possible – environment,   diet, lifestyle, hormonal balance.
I noticed that my acne was the most severe and lasted for so many years because of hormonal imbalances. After being on antibiotics for years I noticed no changes so my doctor advised me to take the contraceptive pill. At first I was scared and worried about any side effects but it came to the point where I have tried everything and this was pretty much my last chance. Now that I take the pill  I am very happy with the results I have seen. I rarely get spots, my skin is almost fully clear but I do have a lot of acne scars which I can worry about later. My skin is slowly but surely clearing with the help of a good diet and lifestyle.

My top 3 tips:

1) Don’t change around the products you use – stick to one routine and make sure that the products you use are suitable for you. I know that sometimes you use products and then get fed up because you don’t seem to see any results. What I learned over this year is that once you stick to a routine, with the same products, you will start to see results even if it takes months. I still use the same products I used a year ago and I’ve had to restock again and again. I think I’ve bought at least 10 tubes of my Neutrogena scrub and I didn’t start seeing major results until I was on my third tube. I still use the same toner, scrub, instant spot treatment lightning grease by lush so here’s the link to my routine which I published last year. – PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!

2) The importance of a healthy controlled diet – I can’t stress how important this is. When I say diet I don’t mean eating less or only eating extremely healthy food haha. I mean cutting out food you know that is causing you to have breakouts. Over time I learned so much about skin, more than an average person knows. It’s a long learning process and everyone’s skin is different so I could try telling you what I have cut out of my diet but it might not work for you at all. However, there is ways to identify which food triggers your breakouts and therefore you personally shouldn’t eat . I will be writing a long informative blog post about this very soon.

3) Relax! Don’t let it get to you – I know this may seem like a small thing but having acne does affect you mentally. Having acne made me very insecure. It was not even because of what I thought about myself but it’s how people made me feel about myself. Some very silly misinformed people seem to think that you have acne because you are not clean. Sometimes you just get that one person that feels like they have the right to make a statement about your acne to you. A bunch of beauticians will try to give you tips and they may contradict each other. Even if your acne didn’t bother you before, it will bother you now just because people keep making you aware of it. Some of you may understand what I mean but seriously try not to pay attention to it. You know yourself the best. You don’t even have to listen to my tips, if you think that my methods would work for you try it. Just hang on and try to make your condition better but don’t let it get to you. As cringe as this sounds, you are beautiful no matter what.

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