My Healthy Weight Loss Story | BEFORE and AFTER

                                BEFORE  (07/15)                           AFTER (04/16) – 9 months later                                                        
Hey guys!

First of all, I’d like to clarify that I didn’t go on a special diet. As you can tell my before and after pictures are not so typical – in front of a mirror. This is because I didn’t actually plan this at all.  The main secret to my weight loss is the fact that I gradually lost weight by changing my lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle. The reason I didn’t attempt a diet plan is because diet plans are not the way you are meant to live your whole life. They help you lose weight but I wanted something that changed my entire life rather than a few months of it. This is why I call it a healthy weight loss.

It didn’t feel like a diet at all. I turned it into a habit. This is the way I live now. Make it a lifestyle, your way of living not a strict diet plan that you will try for a few months.

What did I do?

I ate a lot healthier – ever since I moved out to university and had to cook for myself, I eat a lot healthier. Mum’s food included unhealthy south Asian food! I’d eat that once a week.

Eat at the same time – believe me, eating 3 times a day and at the exact same times helps you lose weight so much quicker

Chew more and eat slower – just try chewing more on your food before swallowing! It’s as easy as that. Sit at the dining table or anywhere and eat slowly. Don’t watch TV while you’re eating! You’ll eat much more if you eat while watching TV because you don’t pay attention to how much you’re eating.

Routine – it’s all about finding a routine. Don’t turn into a robot but try do sports and eating at the same time of the day every week.

Be more active –you don’t have to necessarily join the gym and start lifting. Join a sport you enjoy! I joined back into a Handball team and wen’t to training twice a week. Personally I prefer that over gym as it’s a more fun way of staying fit for me. I do have a gym membership though and go running now and then. I also changed things in my everyday life, whenever I had time I would walk it to places.

DRINK WATER – I can’t stress this any more!! I had 2 litre watter bottles lined up, one for each day and I would make sure that I drank one every single day. That’s the minimum! I had other liquids during the day too but I would make sure that I did have 2 litres of water.

No unnecessary food – I didn’t add cheese to anything, I’d only have it if it’s already on it e.g. Pizza, not too many sweets, low carbs.

This is an overall summary of what I did. However, if you do want more detail about something specific do let me know and I will write more detailed posts. I’m not a specialist but I’m willing to tell you about my story and how it worked for me.


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