5 Good Habits to maintain even after COVID-19

Whilst we all sat through this lockdown we have all readjusted our lifestyles, learnt and tried new things and we had many realisations. As the restrictions are slowly easing across all the countries we will resume to our old ways. It is easy to get excited in the buzz of going back to normal but I personally think that during this lockdown I have made new habits that I don’t want to get rid of. I want to incorporate them into the new normal.

#1. Upskill

All of us have tried to upskill out of boredom whether that may be how to paint a house or how web development works or how to make Tik Toks. We have all used our boredom to upskill in something new. Now when life gets busy again don’t forget to take some time out for self-development and upskilling. Reflect on how far this lockdown has helped you and continue with this.

#2. Active Family Time

Whilst I was running yesterday, I slowed down to witness something beautiful. 2 families playing cricket together in the park. Parent, Uncle, Children, Mums, Aunts everyone. The beauty of this lockdown was that busy working parents now had the time to head down to the park with their kids midweek after work and enjoy some quality time together. Looking back at this time it will be one of the most beautiful moments to remember. So when life gets busy again, don’t forget your family. We learnt that family is all we have when the world comes to standstill. Of course we need to provide, take care of the family but don’t forget to spend time together and make those beautiful memories.

#3. The New Lifestyle

I used to wake up at 6 am to get ready for work. Now I wake up at 5 am to work on my passions. I did this because I was less tired and less busy overall. This new lifestyle is to be made permanent.

I just need to find a balance between the new normal and the things I learnt during lockdown.

#4. Keep innovating

When my mind was bored, my creativity and and thoughts kicked in. I came up with the Brown Babes in STEM initiative, weekly live streams, Tethani Time and Guidance Sessions all within the space of 2 months of lockdown? Why? Because my mind was not filled with the usual crap. Were the things we did before lockdown really as important? The things I came up within this time, I never would’ve if it wasn’t for all this extra time.

When life gets busy again I think it’s important to still focus on the things we found important during lockdown because those things are things that actually matter.

#5. Keep making time for yourself

Whether it is movie nights, zoom nights, banana bread making, dalgona coffee or reading books you did. Whatever you did to entertain yourself. Keep doing those things! You may have noticed the importance of good mental health during COVID-19.

Let COVID-19 be the pandemic where you learnt valuable habits.

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