5 ways to deal with lost motivation during COVID-19

How can I motivate others if I am not motivated myself? This is incredibly difficult it is the same as pouring from an empty cup. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we are all dealing with various different emotions and thoughts mostly in isolation and that’s where things become difficult. For me usually, if I lose motivation I get out, travel, explore, adventure and see my loved ones to allow my creative energy to recover so that I can get back to it. This is a luxury we have lost during this pandemic and it’s making things difficult.

I don’t feel my best at the moment and I have been finding it difficult to create content, post the usual motivational stories I do and try be the motivational, joyful light for everyone else. You can’t convince others to feel something, that you are not feeling yourself. All my motivation is lost due to various overwhelming situations and feelings I am dealing with.

The last few days I have either had insomnia or I rolled out of bed 5 minutes before 9 am to start logging in for work. Two complete opposite ends.

So how am I going to pick myself up from this.

#1. Stay connected with your friends

Call you friends and talk about anything and everything. Keep yourself distracted from your own evil thoughts. It is ok to feel whatever you feel and to accept those thoughts but during this pandemic we have all been doing a fair share of overthinking. That’s not healthy. If our mind is bored that’s what it does so stay in touch with friends. They can make you laugh, think, distract you with other thoughts.

#2. Connect with Nature

Do not start skipping out on going outside to catch fresh air. I found myself in my room for most of last week. This will take you down to an incredible spiral, a sinking ship you will be. It is ok to do that if you do feel down but please don’t stay in that position too long. I am yet to reconnect with nature myself so this is a much needed mental note to myself.

#3. Book yourself a Holiday

I have been putting off taking any annual leave during this lockdown period because I found the thought of taking off days just to stay at home so sad because I’m someone who goes on travel adventures. Annual Leave Days are precious, I know but you know what’s also precious? Our mental health. This year is an exception to our usual way of living and so we just have to adjust to the idea of taking time off to be at home. I have requested 2 days off so far, to have an extended weekend.

#4. Stay Physically Fit

Even if you were not much of a gym freak before this pandemic, it is important for all of us now to keep our physical fitness in check. Whether that may be in the form of walking, running, working out, garden exercise. Anything – just keep yourself fit. I didn’t workout for 2 weeks in between and everything went downhill from there. It’s difficult to pick yourself up after that.

#5. Express your thoughts

Getting your thoughts out is so important. Get it down on paper, a word document anywhere but just let it out in whatever form you like to express yourself. If you like to make music make music, if you like to write, write, if you like to create art, express your feelings with art. Whatever it is that helps you. Some find it useful to speak about it, how about recording voice notes for yourself?

Having said all this, just a gentle reminder. Not everyone will experience a pandemic in their life time. It is ok to feel whatever you are feeling but it’s important to keep yourself going. This is not as temporary as we thought it would be, it is the new normal. I have developed a new coping mechanism and this is what works for me. I hope you and your family are doing well and whatever it is that you are going through, I am with you. I feel the same.

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