#BlackLivesMatter Resources for the Brown Community

If you’ve been brought here by our podcast or you simply came across this blog post, you’re taking the next step in this movement which is to be educated! As mentioned in the episode we would like share the excellent resources that have been put out by various creatives in this post and we would like you to take advantage of this by utilising these resources and sharing them within your circles.

This isn’t just the fight of the black community. As the brown community, we should stand united with them.

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#1 Films & Documentaries

#2 Resources for Parents

Below is a selection of books by Jane Mount (https://www.instagram.com/jane_mount/) that can be used to aid parents when teaching their kids about racism.

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ok it took me forever (there are so many great books!!) but thanks to all your recommendations here’s a stack for kids, from babies up to about 12, I’d say (YA/teens set coming soon). it does include books about racism and how to be antiracist, but also about what it’s like to be made to feel different and other or to be welcomed and included with love, and about how to love everything about yourself ❤️. (also to be clear, it does include books about some experiences other than being Black and dealing with systemic racism in the US; I went a little more broad for this one!) 📚 let me just say up front that there are way more I could have added, but already it’s hard to read the tiny titles even zoomed in. so please comment below with everything I left out! also, I don’t have kids, so I could be a bit wrong about what age a book suits, please correct me on that below too. (for instance, I’ve learned the young readers’ adaptation of Born a Crime and Stamped might be better for older kids!) 📚 also, if you can, as always, please buy books from your local bookstore (and even better if it is Black- or minority- or woman-owned!) instead of from a giant online retailer ☺️. 📚 yes you can repost, just please don’t crop or alter the image, and tag me in the image and the caption, thank you! 📚 I’ll post the list in the comments, and I think I figured out how to put it in the alt-text as well. 📚 📚 https://www.idealbookshelf.com/pages/ideal-bookshelf-1163-antiracist-kids-booklist

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#3 Books

#4 Donations

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#5 Letters in your language

A fantastic initiative created by ‘Letters for Black Lives’ , you can share these letters to educate people around you, especially brown relatives who may not have thought about things in this way before or believe in the internalised beliefs they have due to many years of colonisation. Be kind to them and help them understand. You can find letters that have been translated in languages like ASL, Cantonese, Mandarin, English, French, Japanese, Khmer, Portuguese, Spanish, Taiwanese Mandarin, Tamil and Telugu! Send out these letters!

Letters for Black Liveshttps://lettersforblacklives.com/

BLM: Racism & Anti-black attitudes within the South-Asian Community by nat – https://medium.com/@natashaaa/blm-racism-anti-black-attitudes-within-the-south-asian-community-7a53b4252b52

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