The best destinations for European Weekend Trips

Throughout my time at University and whilst working in the Corporate world I have continued to travel thanks to weekends and extended bank holiday weekends. If you are truly in it to travel to explore a country, to have a quick getaway then you would not mind this at all. That’s how I saw most countries in Europe. However, if you prefer a relaxed holiday with time to chill at the beach and resorts this is not for you as it can be tiring and fast paced but I absolutely love this rush. I like a good balance of both types of trips. For me, as long as I get to jet set, be somewhere new I am happy and won’t complain .

All of the following countries I have been to for an extended weekend trip myself. You could simply take a Friday or Monday off. Make it a 3 day weekend and you will easily be able to see and discover a lot of these places. Make sure you pre-plan an itinerary to make the most of it!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Brussels, Belgium

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Wonderful Canals of Amsterdam…

Budapest, Hungary

Parliament of Hungary in Budapest illuminated at night on the bank of the Danube river

Prague, Czech Republic

Lisbon, Portugal

Paris, France

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