3 Supplements that helped my acne prone skin

Disclaimer: These supplements work for me and have helped me after consulting my doctor. Please consult with a doctor or medical nutritionist before taking any supplements.

Vitamin D3

1. Adequate levels of Vitamin D

My skin always improved when I was on a holiday and I thought it had something to do with the different air quality. Recently I found out that I’ve actually always been low on Vitamin D, in every pretty much blood test I’ve ever had done.

Too much Vitamin D is not good for you either. If you’re a person of colour you are more likely to be low on Vitamin D. Low Vitamin D can cause you to be more fatigue and is important for good bone health. When Vitamin D is on good levels, acne has been linked to improve as well. From personal experience I can confirm this. I am currently taking a higher dose to normalise my levels but after 3/4 months I will go down to a lower level.

Vitamin D cannot be found in food much, the best source of Vitamin D is sun light. Given British weather, of course I am going to be low on it. As a traveler my body is probably used to good sunshine but during lockdown I have been locked away from the sun.

I take 1 tablet a day as recommended on the bottle.

2. Maintain good gut health

My gut health was actually awful. Over the years I developed IBS, lactose intolerance and frequent acid reflux. These were all just signs of a bad gut health. So improving my gut health was really important for me to improve these conditions as they are not pleasant and painful. Bad gut health also reflects on your skin.

Acidophilus Plus (2 Billion Friendly Bacteria), Non-Dairy

Many healthy bacteria are found in our intestine and vagina to help protect from bad bacteria. Ever since, I became dairy intolerant the number of healthy bacteria I had decrease as it is mainly found in dairy products. Although, dairy products made my skin worse not having good gut health also affects my skin. So I’ve started taking these supplements daily. I take the non-dairy version due to my intolerance.

3. Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil may reduce inflammation, is high in healthy fats, has a good amount of Vitamin D, may help heal stomach and gut ulcers. It may also improve your symptoms of anxiety and depression. Since I suffer from high anxiety levels, this will also reflect on my acne prone skin. I am not too sure if the cod liver has helped my anxiety as I have lived with anxiety most of my life so I don’t even realise when I’m being anxious anymore. However, given that it has many health benefits to my gut, heart, eyes and mental health it’s good adding this to my daily supplement intake to improve my skin overall.

Whilst none of these will magically get rid of my acne, they have definitely helped improved my skin but also my overall health.

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