Get a feel for Belgium
Our trip to Brussels was very interesting to say the least. We faced various challenges from the beginning of this trip starting in London. We went by coach and a man claiming to be a chef going to a festival to cook started talking to us who was removed from the coach at dover because he didn’t have a passport. To this day, we are convinced he was smuggling drugs. We had the strangest encounters in Brussels but you can read more about it here. In general though, Brussels is a pretty city trip that we managed to do within 24 hours. We saw all of Brussels in that period with a £100 budget including travel costs. We ate plenty, Belgian waffles, fritters and so much more. Bruges and Antwerp are also touristy cities that I am yet to visit myself.


Language – Dutch, German, French

Currency – Euros

Safety – Safe for solo travel. Just be aware of some pickpockets but in general very safe.

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