Get a feel for Morocco
It’s hot! You will love Morocco if you keep a few things in mind and are aware of what you are to expect there before you go there. Morocco is definitely a place where research and pre-trip reading is required before going, read why further down in my posts. It is a large country so multiple trips are required to see all of its beauty. Some of the most popular locations in Morocco are Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, Chefchaouen. Chefchaouen as you may have come across on Instagram, is nestled in the north of Morocco’s Rif mountains and is popular for its blue buildings throughout the entire city. Marrakech is extraordinary for its buzzing vibes on Jama El Fna Market and square. The buzz and hustle of this vibrant city is beautiful, especially during the month of Eid the city does not sleep as residents leave their houses to go break their fasts with their families.


Language – Arabic

CurrencyMoroccan Dirham (MAD)

SafetyNOT recommended for female solo travel. Although it is not impossible, to be super safe and enjoy the place to its maximum pair or group travel is advised. Be aware of high petty theft rates. Do not take valuables with you. Avoid walking around late at night. Please see the Travel Morocco safely guide.

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