Get a feel for Portugal
Good weather is just guaranteed in Portugal and that’s what I love about it the most. Lisbon was the first Portuguese city I ever travelled to and it sold the country for me and within a year I started exploring more Portuguese territory. Madeira is an island, nowhere near mainland Portugal but belongs to Portugal. It is the Hawaii of Europe or also known famously for being the childhood home of Cristiano Ronaldo. If you enjoy hiking, you must hike the trails in Madeira. Also phsically exhausting and with plenty to see so don’t just make it a short trip. I spent 2 whole weeks in Madeira and also visited the neighbouring island Porto Santo via ferry although it is also accessible by plane if you prefer that. Portugal also has many coastal cities to offer by beach such as Algarve, Lagos, Albufeira and Faro. You cannot run out of places to visit there.

Quick Facts

Language Portuguese
Currency – Euro
Safety Safe! Beautiful place to solo travel as well. This was my first ever solo travel country.