Proactive to Success and Mindset Transformation Webinar |with Mathusa Selvaratnam

Do you feel like you are setting goals but aren’t able to attain them? Would you like to be more self aware and proactive to help you navigate yourself through life to unlock more potential doors to your own version of success. Would you like to understand and learn the importance of transforming your mind to get what you want.

Mathusa has individually coached hundreds of clients from all over the world. Successfully helping them to find a clearer path and vision to their purpose. The knowledge, skills and tips she shares, she has been refining and using in her day to day life for many years. The mission is to let more people in on this, as she believes anyone and everyone should be able to unlock their potential.
This will be the first of many webinars and is aimed at those of you driven and determined to find your path to success.

Disclaimer: Whilst this Webinar will be useful for every person involved and will be interactive, if you’d like to discuss in more details please book a 1-2-1 Guidance session as this would be more suitable to receive a more personalised guidance service.

Webinar details: Saturday, 27th February @ 15:00
This will be a 2 hour session.
Price: £35

To book a 1-2-1 Guidance Session, please refer to the information here.