These are my current on going projects but I am always looking to create more projects and also get involved in existing projects. Should you have a project you wish to propose to me or would like my involvement in do get in touch!

Brown Babes in STEM

An initiative to highlight Brown Babes in the world of STEM to connect, collaborate and create a community. We host global networking calls, webinars and provide brown women a platform to find their way into the world of STEM.

Tethani Time Podcast

2 Brown girls, one podcast and…unfortunately that is where the Asian fantasy ends. Nevertheless, join us for our podcast where we discuss brown culture, dating, Gen Z and the daily struggles of our existence. So, grab your vadai and tea infused with your tears because it’s Tethani Time!

Sakthi Illam Charity Sri Lanka

To support toward building a sustainable future for the generations in the homeland. Using my platform on Instagram I managed to raise money and contributed and personally delivered educational support equipment to the chlidren at Sakthi Illam in Jaffna.

Would you like to get involved?

Upcoming Events


This is a FREE Masterclass with limited spaces.
You can register from anywhere in the world as this will be a virtual Masterclass. The Masterclass will take roughly 4-5 hours (with scheduled breaks) and is split into 3 parts.

Part 1: How to set Goals for Success

Part 2: How to overcome barriers to achieving goals and success

Part 3: How to stay productive and avoid procrastination to succeed with goals

The Masterclass will be interactive, we will be guiding you through the goal setting process and we hope you will walk away having a clearer vision and goals for your future.