Get a feel for Spain
Spain is one of my personal favourites within Europe. Every single year I have an annual Spain trip planned in! It is a must visit place in Europe. Spain offers so much diversity – the culture, the food, the weather. Every part of Spain that I have traveled to is so different from another. It is refreshing every time I go there.

The Canary Islands specifically have a completely different vibe from mainland Spain! From mountains to beaches, to party places to quiet landscapes. Spain simply offers it all for everyone. So when choosing a place to travel in Spain you must simply decide what type of holiday you want out of it as each region offers you something different! The good thing is, it has something for everyone so it is an excellent place for family holidays!

Quick Facts

Language: Spanish

Currency: Euros

Safety: Spain is one of the safest countries in Europe! Of course, in the bigger metropolitan cities you should always be aware of pickpocket theft but that goes for anywhere in the world! At night, do not travel alone in quiet areas if not needed. Always be vigilant but in general Spain is very safe.

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