Sri Lanka

Get a feel for Sri Lanka
After the many years of civil war and injustice I was sceptical yet excited to travel to Sri Lanka as this is the homeland that my parents had fled from. When I got there I was mesmerised with nature’s beautiful gift followed by immediate sadness and anger that my parents had to leave this beautiful place as this could potentially have been my homeland too. Nevertheless, I consider myself home here too.

Sri Lanka is a small island located just south of India. Trincomalee, Kandy, Galle, Unawatuna, Batticaloa are just some of the beautiful locations. The north of Sri Lanka is often not advertised or travelled to by tourists due to it having gone a civil war and it has not had much time for recovery. However, Jaffna is a beautiful must see place for you to complete your Sri Lanka experience. The north and south are different from each other on this island so to get the perspective of both areas is what makes it complete. The north is very hot but also has beaches. It is filled with Tamil history and if it intrigues you, it’s a place to learn a lot about the history of the civil war. Jaffna can be accessed via train from Colombo.


Language – Tamil, Singhalese
Currency – Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR)
Safety – Safe to travel solo, however do be aware. Petty theft is common. Don’t go out late at night. Don’t carry valuables on you.