Get a feel for Tenerife
Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands of Spain and just like most places in Spain the island is made for everyone. If in need of a family location, lads on tour or a solo travel trip. The different parts of the island has something for everyone. I would say, when deciding where to stay, choose wisely based on what type of traveler you are and what you are looking for out of this trip. Tenerife is one of the first places I ever travelled to. In fact, it was the first time I booked a package holiday and self-organised a trip.

Where to stay?
If you are going to Tenerife to live it up and for the party life head to South Tenerife! If you would like to avoid all the party animals avoid staying in the south! North Tenerife is beautiful with black sand beaches and more peace. Las VerĂ³nicas area in Los Cristianos is the place to be if you are looking to party. We stayed in Costa Adeje with walking distance to Fanabe beach. This was a great location for us because we are not the biggest party animals but neither are we complete pensioners. We wanted something in-between. Los Cristianos is easily accessible by bus from there and yet the area we stayed in was peaceful and had a nice safe atmosphere.

The weather in the South is always slightly warmer (by about 4 degrees) than the north. It is also more humid and the north of Tenerife does have more rainy days but comfortable in the high island temperatures.

What is there to do?
There is plenty of fun activities, sight seeing and plenty of beaches to chill at in Tenerife. You simply cannot get bored. Have a look at my Tenerife Beach Guide and Tenerife Activities Guide to get some inspiration on the beaches you could visit and activities you can do.

Best Time to Travel
May – October
We went in June and we did have some days where it was cloudy and rained. If you want guaranteed 24/7 sunshine Jul/August/September is a good time! However, that’s peak season. We didn’t mind risking a few cloudy hours of the day in return for lower numbers of people! It was still very hot there. Since it is near the West coast of Africa, there is sunshine all year round even in the winter months.

Top Tips
Recommend booking a shuttle service ticket from the airport to direct drop off to your hotel. (Almost all hotels offer this)
Recommend booking tours from Activity Centres outside the hotel as it is cheaper.
Recommend browsing a few Activity Centres, talk to them, see what deals they offer, negotiate a package price or deal by booking various activities all from the same activity centre.

What to Pack
My Spain Packing Guide covers the type of clothing and attire to pack.