Get a feel for Thailand
Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Ko Samui are among some of the most popular tourist locations in Thailand. I solo travelled through Bangkok and Phuket. I had the best time in Phuket, Bangkok did feel rather lonely as my first solo travel location in Asia and I did struggle to settle in. Possibly because I was nervous and I struggled to meet people there and navigate myself around. Nevertheless I am not going to completely write off Bangkok, I think it had more to do with my emotional state at the time and I will definitely be revisiting to give it a second chance. Thai food is so yummy that even I who isn’t a huge foodie was excited for all 3 meals. Tourism in Thailand has increased over the years so safe to say the pricest have inflated slightly regardless it is still very cheap to travel through. Compared to Cambodia where haggling is common to get a good price, in Thailand this is almost no longer possible since they know that they have a market and that someone else will buy it if you don’t.


Language – Thai

CurrencyBaht (THB) (Note: ATMs in Thailand charge a significant fee for every withdrawal more than in other countries. I recommend having cash converted before and not rely on ATMs to save money)

Safety Like the rest of Asia high petty crimes, be aware of them. In general safe. Fun to solo travel as you’ll meet other backpackers roaming around through all of South Asia.

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